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Columbia Beach Resort boasts stylish and top-notch facilities that make it sparkle like a shimming beachfront pearl in the Mediterranean, beside being an oasis of laid-back luxury.


In a world where every opportunity is valuable and every moment is a chance to make memories, the allure of luxury travel has never been stronger. Globetrotters and dreamers alike seek the thrill of new adventures, and the European island of Cyprus does not disappoint with a plethora of stunning hotels ready to deliver the best vacation experience.

Picture yourself on a pristine beach, your feet tucked in the sands of a Pissouri Blue Flag-awarded beach with shingle shoreline, serenaded by the gentle lull of waves with dramatic, yet spectacular white cliffs gleaming in the sun. And if you prefer the crystal-clear waters of a luxurious swimming pool to the sea, your view will be unaltered since, whether you are within the resort or on its frontline beach, the stunning vistas offer a dream of escape from reality.

Nestled along the mesmerising coastline of Pissouri, close to where the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, emerged from the turquoise waters to claim the island of Cyprus as her own, the Columbia Beach Resort is a five-star hideaway that harmoniously combines traditional Cypriot charm with sheer indulgence.

Whether you are planning a romantic trip for two, a weekend escape, or a family holiday for some much-needed seclusion, the Columbia Beach Resort is a heavenly hideaway that welcomes its guests into a world of understated luxury.

Since it first opened its doors in 2002, the upscale Columbia Beach Resort had been on our list of must-visit hotels in Cyprus. On our never-ending quest to explore the island's epic hotel scene, we discovered a shimmering jewel with unrivalled views of the Mediterranean, where each of its 169 elegant suites is cleverly designed with fabrics and furnishings that reflect traditional Cypriot culture with a twist of modernity that does not detract from style or intimacy.

And, unlike most hotels that opened at the turn of the century and have remained stuck in the past, the Columbia Beach Resort is continually maintaining its aesthetic and upgrading its approach to five-star hospitality and service, as evidenced by the multiple awards it receives as one of the best hotels in Cyprus.

So, what makes the Columbia Beach Resort an appealing, picturesque, and highly demanded hotel to visit?  Cyprus is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful weather, beaches, culture, history, food, and hospitality.  The Columbia Beach Resort has ensured that all these requirements are met, creating a world in which tourists need not venture beyond the hotel's grounds to enjoy all the influences of a traditional Cypriot village.

From the reservation process to checking in and arriving at the hotel suite, the first impression has a significant impact on one's perception of the resort throughout one's stay. A hotel is, without a doubt, only as strong as its team, and it is evident that the Columbia Beach Resort has invested in its workforce, who are the cornerstone of the hotel's productivity and top-tier service. The cleanliness, spacious suites, and bathrooms with natural materials, dual basins, and a walk-in tropical rainforest shower were among the first things we observed upon arrival.

The word 'Columbia', as the name suggests, represents exploration, which is just what Christopher Columbus did in 1492 when he embarked on a historic expedition across the Atlantic, opening new horizons.  Similarly, as visitors explore the Columbia Beach Resort grounds, they will discover gourmet restaurants, an award-winning spa, a variety of sports and leisure activities, and a hidden grand show of iconography in a colourfully painted small chapel, all cleverly positioned around the resort's pulsating heart: an 80-metre lagoon-style swimming pool.

Food is a vital aspect of every holiday experience, and including a cultural element makes it even more vibrant. Whether you choose to indulge in a wide selection of local delicacies made with only the finest ingredients at the Apollo Tavern or treat yourself to a celebration of the greatest Italian cuisine at Bacchus Restaurant, the Columbia Beach Resort believes that the art of gastronomy is a way of life.


Among the several bars dotted around the hotel, Columbia Beach Resort also offers two swim-up pool bars where visitors can relax with a drink and socialise with other guests while taking in the spectacular views of the area.

Nowadays, hotel guests, tourists, and professionals have become increasingly demanding. The modern clientele within the hotel sector is more concerned with finding comfort and wellness, both physically and mentally. Columbia Beach Resort has also ensured that the hotel offers a well-equipped spa with experienced on-site therapists providing well-known and distinctive therapies adapted to each guest's specific needs, leaving them feeling relaxed and invigorated.  The resort also has an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna, making the Hébe Spa the ideal spot to unwind and nurture mental and physical wellness.

The All-Saints Chapel, which is situated on the grounds of the resort, is a homage to the numerous early Christian and mediaeval churches around Cyprus, with its traditional stone-built architecture, hemispherical dome and miniature bell tower. This chapel, which frequently hosts local and foreign weddings, is a work of art by prominent British artist John Corbidge, featuring striking paintings covering the whole inside of the edifice. Although they clearly resemble Byzantine iconography, they employ modern techniques and lines that are fresh and utterly distinct, incorporating elements from more freehand artistic tendencies.

As a technology-focused hotel that provides both speed and reliability of Wi-Fi, 'wooden' mobile key room access, and other in-room technologies, Columbia Beach Resort has also put its best foot forward in terms of sustainability, influencing and transforming current ethos and practices.  The products used in the hotel have a direct impact on the overall sustainability of the Columbia Beach Resort, from the locally sourced ingredients used in their mouthwatering dishes to the selection of socially conscious materials. The hotel has recognised that sustainability is more than a trend, but a way of operating for hotels in today's market, and, as a result, was included in the shortlist of 26 pioneering hotels of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s “Considerate Collection.”

The resort is close to international 18-hole championship golf courses, midway between Pafos and Limassol, close to the Pafos International Airport, and provides easy access to a wealth of archaeological sites and places of interest if one wishes to explore outside the resort. 

It is truly rare to find everything in one hotel, but the Columbia Beach Resort is arguably a one-of-a-kind exception in Cyprus, boasting stylish and top-notch facilities that make it sparkle like a shimming beachfront pearl in the Mediterranean, beside being an oasis of laid-back luxury.​

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