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As one of Europe’s foremost tourist destinations, Cyprus is a haven when it comes to its beaches, archaeological sites, and traditional villages. However, the island is also home to several non-clichéd places that are of special interest to discerning travellers.


At Cyprus Private Tours, we believe in providing the ultimate holiday experience in Cyprus's most beautiful regions, through our wide range of bespoke private luxury guided tours that feature everything from traditional gastronomy while exploring the history, religion, and uniqueness of the island's various regions to hidden treasures and museums of special interest. We also offer one-of-a-kind tours that follow the legendary and 'sensual' path of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, experiencing the wonders of the night sky through a blend of stargazing and storytelling tours, as well as exclusive retail therapy tours in the island's old town markets and modern shopping malls. Simply put, no one knows Cyprus better than we do.

Kindly note that, depending on your preferences, we can also design a private tour that combines any of the sites included in any of the tours listed below, ensuring that we create lasting and cherished memories from your time in Cyprus.

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